Adding a new Gem!

We always aim to communicate our art historical knowledge and independent scientific review through a strong, contemporary image.
Next to that we have always loved to explore the inspiring space that lies between fine art and high fashion. To further implement this vision, we are excited to share that we have another new team member to introduce!

Please join us in welcoming the talented Pieter van Loon, Creative Producer at Van Gelder Indian Jewellery!

Learn more about Pieter through a little Q&A below:

Welcome Pieter! Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Pieter van Loon and I am 38 years young. I grew up at the country side in The Netherlands where I enjoyed a happy and free childhood. At the age of 17, I moved to Tilburg to study Industrial Design at the St. Lucas Academy. During my internship in Amsterdam I discovered the big city with all its adventures. Amsterdam has been my home for twenty years now. My love for music, movies, art and especially fashion encouraged me to discover the styling profession. I started as a wardrobe assistant at a Dutch daily tv show and soon learned that I wanted to become a fashion stylist for magazines. At that time, Yoga became a passion of mine and I was fascinated by the rich culture and beauty of India. In 2006 I traveled through India for two months and it felt like a second home.
I have been working as a freelance stylist for 15 years now. I am blessed to work for magazines as Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Nouveau.
Since five years I am also working as a freelance jewelry editor for Vogue NL and that is how I got in touch with the Van Gelder’s. A perfect and warm match. I am so happy to start this new adventure at Van Gelder Indian Jewellery as Creative Producer.

What are you passionate about?
Many things make me happy: music, ballet, food, traveling, fashion,… but without any doubt my biggest passion is telling stories through images.
To share emotions through pictures is what I love most.

What are you proud of?
I am very proud that I was always able to do what I love, and by working hard I have reached many goals in my professional career. At home, I’m very proud to run a happy family together with my fiancé and our precious little dog.

What do you hope to find at VGIJ?
With my enormous preference for India and jewellery, I look forward to learn more about Indian culture and the fine art of the jewellery and techniques.
I can’t wait to discover and learn all the beauty and acquire more in debt knowledge.

What can we expect of you at VGIJ?
My talent is to create a visual concept in a short timeframe. I am able to convert someone’s ideas in a beautiful and clear image.
I am sure that with our years of experience and passion we will develop wonderful projects together.

Thank you Pieter, we look forward to working with you too!