New Brand Logo

By introducing our new brand logo, we mark another milestone on the -Van Gelder Indian Jewellery- journey!

As a second generation, we spring from strong roots and are ready to embrace new perspectives. We cherish the solid foundation of our first love, traditional Indian jewellery, which has always stirred our imagination.

This inspiration eventually led up to our ambition of expanding Van Gelder Indian Jewellery with our own, contemporary jewellery designs. With this expansion we are moving in an exciting direction, where Van Gelder Indian Jewellery – Contemporary Collections, exists next to Van Gelder Indian Jewellery – Heritage Collection.

Today we mark our journey, ‘Reinventing the Possible’, and we welcome you to join us!

Lastly, on this remarkable occasion we have to mention the amazingly talented and wonderful people we have the privilege of working with! We will share more about this shortly, but for now; You know who you are and we couldn’t have done it without anyone of you! We can’t say enough how much we appreciate you and all your efforts! Thank you!