Press Preview

On June 6th Van Gelder Indian Jewellery organized a Press preview, leading up to the launch of Van Gelder Indian Jewellery Contemporary Collections coming September.

Our story
Van Gelder Indian Jewellery is one of the world’s leading international jewellery houses in Indian jewellery, offering both one-of-a-kind, traditional Indian jewellery in its Heritage Collection, as well as exclusive, India-inspired contemporary pieces of jewellery by our own design from the [annual] limited-edition Contemporary Collections.

Like no other expert our field, we recognize and understand the beauty and value of traditional and contemporary Indian jewellery. We are passionate about Indian jewellery, about its uniqueness in the way it marries beauty, craftsmanship, significance and wearability. Our collections and styling effortlessly connect Eastern and Western as well as traditional and contemporary style preferences, their quality overarching and sustaining centuries of tastes and trends and carrying substance that amplifies the stunning beauty of each individual piece.

Van Gelder Indian Jewellery is run by Dutch sisters Noëlle Viguurs – van Gelder and Fleur Damman – van Gelder, who combine a relentless eye for quality of materials, design and craftsmanship with profound knowledge of and expertise in the (art)historical and cultural context of Indian jewellery.

“This commitment to quality and content also resonates in the way we serve our International client base, with a deep-felt and personal service approach that results in friendships for life.
We are proud to be part of an extensive global network of passionate experts, fans and influencers in this field, including collectors, curators, scholars, fashion designers and media, who share our love for beauty, quality and originality,” says Noëlle.

The Company
Van Gelder Indian Jewellery was founded in 1980 by Bernadette Van Gelder – van der Ven, who recognized the incomparable and unique quality, beauty and meaning of often times age-old traditional Indian jewellery, In the following two decades, Bernadette grew the company into a leading name in its field, creating a large and dedicated following of international private and corporate clients. In 2000, Bernadette was joined by her two daughters Fleur and Noelle, who took over the reins in 2012.

The two sisters successfully expanded the business, initiating new collaborations and projects, building from the solid foundations of quality focus, originality and customer intimacy. The Van Gelder’s drive for perfection can be considered a true life’s work, something that perfectly fits the Van Gelder business and family culture.

Inspired by their first love, traditional Indian Jewellery, passion for India and driven by their extensive knowledge of materials, design and craftsmanship, the first Contemporary Collection is officially launched in September 2019.

The power of women

Fleur: “We are deeply inspired by the drive, creative power and many accomplishments of strong women in life and business and we are extremely privileged to be standing on the shoulders of strong entrepreneurial women in our family. India past and present also knows many examples of strong female role models who made their marks in various shapes and forms in Indian society.”

The design and meaning of many of the traditional jewellery pieces in the Heritage collection give expression to the importance and value of strong women. Needless to say, it gives Noëlle and Fleur immense pleasure to see these unique objects worn by their clients today, again expressing themselves in their own unique ways.

Noëlle: “In that sense, our contemporary design also pay tribute to the strong, independent women of this day. Women who freely embrace their own unique beauty, who understand the value of creation and expression and who create their own legacies by passing on the power of meaning!”