Pursuing Pretty

Through our feed you find glimpses of the work or the amazingly talented and equally wonderful Mme D of Swantribune.

We initially connected over her work, which we discovered on Instagram. We had put up a post with a #bluemonday tag, and through the omniscient algorithms of this app, some similar images appeared for us to discover… We were immediately intrigued and inspired, when a lovely naïve hand drawing of a place in Jaipur, all to familiar to us, appeared! We browsed further through the feed where this work came from, and never waisted anytime to send a DM. We found common ground over India at first, but soon discovered this was only the beginning! 

This initial discovery on that little digital square led to a wonderful collaboration between Van Gelder Indian Jewellery and Swantribune. 

We aim to share stories, in the prettiest way we can think of…, namely through our jewellery. The ancient Indian and Mughal art of miniature painting is another beautiful way of sharing stories, and creating context to the jewels in our Heritage Collection. By commissioning Swantribune we add a new, contemporary chapter to that long art tradition…; Announcing and documenting key moments in our Company, in the prettiest way possible… The eye-watering illustrations by Mme D are little jewels in itself, and to us a perfect fit! 

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