These Mughal Women!

We are deeply inspired by the drive, creative power and many accomplishments of strong women in life and business and we are extremely privileged to be standing on the shoulders of strong entrepreneurial women in our family. India past and present also knows many examples of strong female role models who made their marks in various shapes and forms in Indian society.

There is enough information to be found about the illustrious Mughal Emperors, their reigns and other accomplishments. But little is known about the women in their lives and the pivotal roles some of these women played. How they were better educated than their contemporaries anywhere in the world, were visible symbols of power, expert diplomats, and sometimes even the unseen astute of power behind the throne. Mughal women were all this and more! The publication ‘Daughters of the Sun’ by Ira Mukhoty (2018) gives a fascinating account of the many women who lived, albeit in the shadow of their men, remarkable lives, leaving an undeniable impact on this glittering era! 

For the creation of Van Gelder Indian Jewellery – Jodha Bai we drew inspiration from the drive, creative power and many accomplishments of these strong women.

Jodha Bai, named after one of India’s first, strongest and most influential female royal thought leaders, the Rajput Princess Jodha Bai. This Rajput Princes was equal to men in love, life and battle and these strong traits are translated in the designs: strong, distinctive lines, an expressive appearance, detail and enamel work, with color use inspired by the tradition of North India.