Daily dose of…

With the state of our global community right now, we want to let you know these days health and well-being are our first and foremost priority. That is also our main reason to reach out to all of you, especially now!

As a valued friend and client, we want to let you know how we are responding to the impact of COVID-19. We feel extremely lucky that our complete team and families are currently all in stable health. All of us know people in their direct circle that have been affected with the virus. #Socialdistancing is the name of the game these days, and we urge everyone to follow these instructions very seriously.

It seems like technology these days is the only safe tool left to connect with those around us. Also, in these uncertain times the need for meaningful connections is higher than ever before. This trivial time is the moment to stay distant and connect on a whole new level. Be resourceful within the limitations, check in on one another from a safe distance, and discover new, meaningful and sustainable habits for yourself and those around you. 

Our company is completely equiped and suited to working remotely. After years of working with an international, remote team, we experienced from early on that it is an effective and sustainable way to make things happen and get a job done! 
In general people find ways to adapt quickly even in these new and uncertain times, and this optimistic and resilient approach is fundamental, even when still so much remains uncertain.

The technology of today can change lives. As the world adjusts to a more home-bound lifestyle, teachers are innovating with remote lessons. Companies are looking into new ways to stay productive. Medical experts can diagnose and reach millions in the blink of an eye. And cultural institutions and museums are opening their doors via the internet, allowing people to enjoy their art, music and more from across the globe. 

We gladly continue to share beautiful stories, context and background! We would like to take this time to connect over things of beauty, the arts, design and crafts, as always in pursuit of all things pretty! In these days of social distancing and isolation, we can open up a whole world through sharing stories! And isn’t this exactly how it was done for centuries before us…? 

Many of you have reached out to us through our website and social channels. It provides you with ample background information, context and rich visuals on both Heritage and our own designed Contemporary Collections of Indian jewellery…, a source of stories worth sharing! Over the coming time we will be highlighting an alternating, curated selection of our collection, sharing more in depth facts and context so you can ensure yourself of your #dailydoseofbeauty! So whether you like to #studyorshop, Van Gelder Indian Jewellery is just one click away, www.vangelderjewellery.com!

Stay safe! 
The Van Gelders