Daily routine

We are very aware of the importance of a daily routine and fitting quiet and introspective me-time in our day. Especially in these rapidly changing times, a clear routine functions as an anchor and helps keeping focus and direction. Therefore, the beautiful and so eloquently written blog The vast unknown of our dear friend Siddhartha Shah, curator of Indian and South Asian Art at the Peabody Essex Museum resonated with our team on all levels. 

The certainty of our routine can help to manage the uncertainty that life throws at you. Coping with unpredictability can feel more doable when we have a little structure in place to look to. Having a routine helps to cultivate positive daily habits and to prioritise self-care. Organising time gives the opportunity to build in blocks of time for things that are important to YOU.

Today we would like to connect with you by sharing our little routine…:

  1. Start the day with yoga or meditation

Fleur: For years my daily routine is to be with myself on my yoga mat at 5.30 every morning for ashtanga sequence or vinyasa flow, depending on the mood, and meditate. After my health issues and long recovery this routine is what keeps me grounded and my mind, heart and soul in the right place.

Olivia Fraser Scent of the Lotus, 2018

 2. Go outside for a walk and fresh air – We have always felt fortunate to raise our families in the countryside. We appreciate this space around us now even more than ever before! 

3. Have breakfast 

Noelle: We have a sit down breakfast at the table every day of the week. Of course these moments can get hectic sometimes with the children needing to go to school, do sports and our early meetings, still, our day starts at the breakfast table. 

In these homebound days we enjoy spending time at the table together. When we travel, we make the most out of a quiet and calm breakfast! Something we can really look forward too! 

4. Connect! – Our company is completely equipped and suited to working remotely. After years of working with an international, remote team, we experienced from early on that it is an effective and sustainable way to make things happen and get a job done! We meet with our HQ team through Zoom and Facetime, we assess and discuss ongoing developments with our design team, discuss future projects and plans with different parties throughout the day, and best of all, we curate and select beautiful jewelry for private clients and collectors. However trivial these days, we find comfort and inspiration in handling and working with things of such timeless beauty and substance. 

5. Study, read or do research, draw  

In this new situation of mostly working remotely, we have some extra hours in the day that we would normally spend on commute, travel and appointments. We now make the most of it by doing research, reading and of course design and draw! 

Fleur found time to re-connect with one of her alltime favorite books, streaming the spoken version of A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth through her ear pods!

Outtake from the catalogue that came with our exhibition The Origin of Quality.


6. Move! Go for a walk or run, be creative, read or listen to music, cook, but in any case, aim for some analog time.

Like many of you, Noëlle found herself back to those Jigsaw days!

7. Play games with the kids, talk, have a family dance or karaoke party

Board games and cards are back on the table, and Kitchen Karaoke never ever really left! It’s back to the 80’s nonstop if we had our way.

8. Cook and eat together at the table, NO TV. 

The silverlining these days is in the wonderful talks we get to have with our kids, since there is no sports practice hours and a little less school. We also discuss the news together and take time to (try to) explain what’s happening, how we all need to adjust and the importance to #stayhome.

We home cook every day and love to experiment with new recipes. By repeated demand we are herewith sharing one of our signature VGIJ Lentil Soup…

9. Evening walk with the dog and make sure to get enough sleep!

We take it one day at the time, trying to adjust and at the same time consistently stick to our vision. We keep an optimistic and positive attitude, and however uncertain, we always try to welcome and embrace a new or changed perspective, like we have done before. Instead of losing ourselves in the gap behind the crack, we draw from it… fueling creativity and  resourcefulness. Redefining the possible, one day at the time! 

We wish you all the best, health and prosperity, and look forward to seeing you again soon!