The seven planets and two shadow planets of the Indian astrological system are represented by nine precious stones. Their arrangement and the jewel itself is called Navaratna (literally ‘nine gemstones’).

By tradition, the nine stones as a group are said to possess exceptional magic powers by providing a sympathetic medium for the transmission of stored energy from the planets, which then casts its influence on the wearer.

In this form they become what is universally believed in India to constitute a powerful amulet, Nauratan, that polarises all space in relation to the Sun, the giver of life, and man in relation to the universe. In so doing, the jewel becomes a manifestation of the divine plan for every living creature.

The old Indian science of astrology takes into account Navagraha or nine planets. These seven planets and two shadow planets correspond with nine Hindu Gods, nine precious stones and twelve Rashis (signs of the zodiac).

Navagraha Hindu God Navaratna
Sun Surya Ruby
Moon Chandra Pearl
Mars Mangal Coral
Mercury Budh Emerald
Jupiter Brahaspati Topaz
Venus Shukra Diamond
Saturn Shani Sapphire
Dragon’s head Rahu Zircon
Dragon’s tail Ketu Cat’s Eye