Raksha Sutra

As a family we have taken on a small but meaningful Indian ritual a long time ago. In these tumultuous times when all that remains is the essence… love, health and real human connections, we shared with our nearest and dearestthis simple token, that really says it all…: 

This red thread is a Raksha Sutra. Raksha means protection, and Sutra means sacred thread. With the tying of the Raksha Sutra on the wrist it invokes a dual purpose: The Raksha Sutra is to protect us from harm, and to keep the mind calm and focused. Ánd it is believed that only good deeds may come from the hands who tie it. 

One wears the Raksha Sutra on the wrist; women wear it on the left wrist and men on the right wrist.

Whether you follow the Indian ritual, or a magical thread that might tangle and twist but never beak, in these days of distance, all we truly want is to stay connected!

It really is in little things! Stay safe, stay healthy!