Mother Goddess

To this day, Hinduism remains the only religion that prays to a female form of God. Like the male trinity, Trimurti, of Gods, Brahma, (the Creator) Vishnu (the Preserver) and Shiva (the Destroyer), there also is a female trinity, Tridevi, formed by Lakshmi, (Wealth and Fulfillment), Saraswati, (Learning and Art) and Durga (Warrior, Power, Beauty). These feminine Goddesses are by some even considered as Creatrix, Preservatrix and Destructrix through their connection with their male companions, Lakshmi being the consort of Vishnu, Saraswati consort of Brahma and Durga of Shiva.

The power of women
We are deeply inspired by the drive, creative power and many accomplishments of strong women in life and business and we are extremely privileged to be standing on the shoulders of strong entrepreneurial women in our family. India past and present also knows many examples of strong female role models who made their marks in various shapes and forms in Indian society. 
The design and meaning of many of the traditional jewellery pieces in our Heritage collection give expression to the importance and value of these strong women. Needless to say, it gives us immense pleasure to see these unique objects worn by our clients today, again expressing their worth in their own unique ways.

In that sense, our contemporary design also pay tribute to the strong, independent women of this day. Women who freely embrace their own unique beauty, who understand the value of creation and expression and who create their own legacies by passing on the power of meaning. 

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