“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life” ― Michael Palin

Who could have ever imagined that this relatable quote by Michael Palin today carries such a different, unexpected connotation?

We have been raised by parents with curious minds and adventurous spirits, and we don’t know any better than our parents to be either on a trip or planning the next! Their sense of adventure was infectious, and their love for travel has passed down to us. The urge to wandering off, experiencing new cultures, and discovering new things always keeps tickling!

Although things are gradually improving in the Netherlands, as are in the rest of Europe, that sense of a carefree take off to ‘destination anywhere’ seems like an idea from the past these days. However, we also remind ourselves that all journeys also carry secret destinations that were previously unknown or unthought-of.

This current journey, that has the world in its grasp, and lead to more homebound days, made us appreciate our own homes and wonderful surroundings even more than before. We count ourselves lucky with the happy coincidence, that after living abroad during most of our student days, we ended up living almost a stone’s throw away from each other! 

We feel lucky that we had the opportunity to travel as much as we did, cherish all the memories we made, the encounters and opportunities they lead to! Resulting in a collection of beautiful Indian Heritage jewellery and found their way in to our Contemporary Collections! 

Inspiration as the ultimate secret destination!

At Van Gelder Galleries, we find ourselves surrounded by inspiration every day, and perfectly fitted to hold space for our clients and our team!

We are happy to see that both friends and clients find their way to come and see us and our collections of Indian heritage jewellery and contemporary designs in these beautiful surroundings! 

As always, we are open by appointment, so please feel free to contact us to schedule a visit. We look forward to show you around and catch up!

To plan your visit, please contact Marieke via marieke@vangelderjewellery.com or call 0031.73.303.48.00.

#DestinationParade as your unexpected Summer treat! 

And for our friends abroad, who still face limited travel options, you are cordially invited to browse through our website and social channels. It provides you with ample background information, context and rich visuals on both Heritage and our own designed Contemporary Collections of Indian jewellery…, a source of inspiration and stories worth sharing!

For your #dailydoseofbeauty we recommend this month’s lovely contribution by Hélène van der Ven, sharing her insights and insider suggestions on contemporary Indian art!

So whether you like to #studyorshop, virtual or real time, make sure to add Van Gelder Galleries to your #DestinationParade