Introducing Natascha

Recently we had the opportunity to work with the wonderful and equally talented Natascha Brandt, food photographer and miracle worker extraordinaire. Natascha is in the business of creating mouthwatering content and jewelry is a fresh new complement to her daily special. It appeared that in photography food and jewels share a similar palate of refined elegance and a feast for the eye.

We are thrilled with the outcome of her work, and herewith happily introduce Natascha!

Hi Natascha, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself?

Even though I’ve been living in Europe for nearly a decade, I still very much think of myself as a Venezuelan through and through. I’m a Food and Still Life Photographer with a graphic design and an art direction background, having studied and worked as both before becoming a full time photographer. 

Would you share what you love about your work?

I love being able to express myself visually in a creative way, and the freedom that comes with it. Creating something from scratch is an incredible feeling. Everything about the concept, building the relationship with the client, solving problems, playing with the light, noticing shapes, colors and textures and all of that to make the subject, be it food, flowers and now jewelry, the hero of the photo. Seeing the beauty in the everyday and being able to capture it…, it’s quite magical. 

Where can we see your work?

 You can see my work and follow me on Instagram through my handle @biteoflight 

How did you experience this project with Van Gelder Indian Jewellery


I was so amazed when I first heard about this beautiful project. It is so wonderful to be able to see in person all these historical old drawings with the unbelievably wonderful pieces of jewelry, it almost feels like unreal. The drawings are so beautifully and detailed made, that almost you could mistake them for photos. The jewelry looks like from another world, so beautiful that it is difficult to take your eyes out of it and concentrate on the shoot :). 

It was challenging to photograph something that already it’s so magical and beautiful and translate it, without losing any detail, in a photography. I’m very happy and thankful to work together with VGIJ, and  I am always looking forward to be astound again by them and their beautiful jewelry.

Thank you Natascha, we’ll be back soon…, and not just for the food!