De Moriaan

The oldest brick house in the Netherlands was built in our hometown of ‘s Hertogenbosch. The house was named De Moriaan and it originates fromn the 13thcentury when its construction was commissioned by Hendrik I of Brabant for his friend Beckerlijn. Today the house is situated at Markt 77, near the main market square and the building is in use as the city’s tourist information center, a popular bar is located in de basement.In the early days of De Moriaan, the building was used as a trade center. In that time there was a canal at the back of the site. Here ships could deliver their goods to the warehouse. Traders would use the building to sell their goods. 

Since the 1950s, Royal Dutch Airlines has given every World Business Class passenger a unique gift: a Delft Blue miniature traditional house, filled with Dutch gin (known as jenever). Each miniature depicts a real house in the Netherlands, with a new model being introduced on October 7 each year. 

This year the newest addition to the series, house 101, was introduced; It is “De Moriaan’.

KLM chose this house because of the history of the building. The airline also chose this building because of the connection to the trade history of the Netherlands and how the country plays a big role in global trade. 

It is important that we hold on to our KLM traditions in times of crisis. This is why we didn’t hesitate to produce house number 101. “Die Mariaen” symbolises the importance of international entrepreneurship for the Netherlands, especially in times of economic adversity. KLM’s job is to ensure that people can come together through our extensive route network. We will continue to fulfil this role, “ according KLM President-directeur & CEO Pieter Elbers

Although we all miss those travelling days, we congratulate KLM on this lovely addition to an iconic line-up!

Further we thank KLM for a lovely animated rendition of the history of our wonderful hometown ‘s-Hertogenbosch. If you it is not possible to come visit shortly, you are cordially invited to this ‘virtual’ tour! You won’t be disappointed!