November, What’s New?!

We welcome November and its winds of change! Tailwind and improving conditions create a noticeable shift. 

After these unprecedented months of adjustments and change, we look forward to tilt the scale towards the good! 

New Media

We would love to welcome you in our wonderful new surroundings, that we moved to at the beginning of this year. And it goes without saying that we operate within the latest health and safety requirements.  
However, our years of experience on working with an international, remote team, have proven to be an advantage now that the world faces new challenges. We have always known it as an effective and sustainable way to make things happen, to connect and create.
Today’s media and communication options are an excellent way to be efficient and productive. A powerful, effective solution to travel limitations. 
We gladly continue to share beautiful stories, context and background. Connecting over things of beauty, art and design opens up the whole world through a screen! 

We took off this month with wonderful talks and a series of press calls. 
Noëlle was asked to share her views on maintaining and preserving India’s cultural heritage and identity as well asa sustainable future for the luxury market. 
One of the results you’ll find here, Leverage India’s Traditional Past to Augment the Future.

Celebrate the Season

We want to give you a heads-up on the month of December: We are excited to host our annual holiday season celebration! We keep an optimistic and resilient attitude and wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to Celebrate the Season with you!
We have all scenario’s drawn up; extending from booking a private viewing at Van Gelder Galleries, to a virtual, made to measure showcase to be enjoyed at your own leisure. We will share more details in due course, to find way to ensure your personal preferences next to the latest applicable requirements.

New addition: Van Gelder Indian Jewellery – Baoli Collection
We Celebrate the Season with a preview the latest addition to our contemporary collections; new designs added to our Jali Collection and a preview of a whole new series: 
Van Gelder Indian Jewellery – Baoli Collection 
to be launched for Spring 2021!
The inspiration of the VGIJ Baoli Collection is rooted in another architectural element, where we experienced inner reflection on a pivotal moment. 
We can’t wait to share more!

Meanwhile, #studyorshop online or plan your (virtual) visit to Van Gelder Galleries for that timely Holiday Season shopping! 

All our best,
The Van Gelder’s