Celebrate Everything

We are happy to share that many of you have found a way to Celebrate the Season with us! 

Whether it is in the mesmerizing surroundings of Van Gelder Galleries or through a bespoke virtual showcase. 
Redefining the possible, we always find a way to celebrate everything, and more importantly, together!

New additions to Jali

When we were asked what these past months brought us than inspiration immediately jumps to mind! This led to wonderful new additions to our JALI series. You will find earrings that double as ear cuffs, seamlessly translating day jewellery into a stunning ‘night-out’ look! And the combination of 18k yellow and white gold into a sculptural double finger ring while maintaining transparency and effortlessness.

Introducing a new collection: BAOLI

Countless visits over the years, fieldwork and research of this traditional architectural element, the Stepwells of India, and the concept of rippling, trickling water, lead to the creation of the BAOLI Collection.

A preview of the first pieces from this collection, for Spring 2021, is currently on display at Van Gelder Galleries. 

We will continuously unveil more jewels to this series over the coming weeks, so make sure to regularly check our website and social channels, to keep on track with the latest of the latest!
For now, #StudyorShop to your liking, and we would love to hear your thoughts on this first impression! 

Van Gelder Showcase

We gladly continue to share beautiful stories, context and background. Connecting over things of beauty, art and design will always fuel our passion and drive! Together with our team we have every scenario drawn up for the Holiday Season.
You can still book a private viewing at Van Gelder Galleries, there are –limited- openings left, and we are happy to accommodate you.
Alternatively, we offer private access to a virtual, made to measure VGIJ Showcase, which you can enjoy at your own leisure.

Please contact our offices and plan according to your personal preferences. 

Lastly, we can only be grateful and thankful for all the wonderful opportunities and adventures that this whirlwind of a year has brought us.

We would have been nowhere without our amazing team, both here and in India, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each of them for their resilience, optimism and patience! It has been quite the journey so far, and we can’t wait for what is next! With this stellar team, we are up for anything! 

As always, #StudyorShop online or plan your (virtual) visit to Van Gelder Galleries for that last minute Holiday Season shopping! We will always make it work!