From Inspiration to Celebration

The concepts and creation of our Contemporary Collections are driven by a passion for traditional Indian Jewellery, combined with a fresh Western-centred perspective and modern interpretation of the rich Indian visual and cultural language. This combination results in an intriguing mix of cultural exchange, traditional craftsmanship and typical visual language. Jewellery design that caters to the tastes of lovers and collectors of fine jewellery in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres. As such, the collections carry a distinctive quality and substance, similar to our collection of antique Indian heritage jewellery.

Quintessentially Van Gelder!

A key element in the design concept of the Baoli collection is colour.

For a start, colour is intrinsically linked to India. And Colors Collection (2007) also is the name of our first series of contemporary designs, which underlines its importance to us.
Then there is another personal interpretation at play;

In deciding on colour use for the Baoli Collection (2021), we chose a palette of the colours of water, waves, rippling water and the light of dawn reflected on water surface.
We then narrowed this down to just the ‘right shades’. Because next to hue and saturation we weighed in the emotional substance each tone carries and its effect on the soul, rather than the eye…
And then there’s that charged vibrancy in between the applied colours…, that almost spiritual space in the breadth of transition.
It is exactly there where we find the magic and each design gets its character of meaningful, spirit lifting, jewelry. A celebration of the backstory of our designs!

In light of this concept we are passionate about the work of both Mark Rothko and Marc Mulders.

Marc Mulders (1958 – * ) translates his vision in delicate, soft tones of yellows, ochres and pinks to his ‘Moonlight Garden’ and ‘Persian Garden’ series.
Capturing that mystical aura created by natural light and delicate day break haze on the flower fields around his studio.

Mark Rothko (1903 -1970) masterfully juxtaposed colours to express or evoke an emotion, as seen in his Color Fields series. Its signature build-up of large rectangles in varying tones, gave Rothko one of the most enduring and esteemed reputations in 20th-century art.

For the enamel colour scheme in the Baoli collection we sought a fusion of colours that are connected with India, narrowed down to those hues that resonate most with us, on a deeper level.

In that sense the Baoli collection is the sublimation of present day spirituality in jewellery.