Spring has sprung!

The days are getting longer, things are looking up (slowly like Dutch weather;-)!) and there’s that overall feeling of new beginnings!

Our Indian friends celebrate this with Holi Festival, also known as the festival of colors. As far as the eye can see, the sky is colored in hues of pink and red.

The significance of this celebration is the victory of good over evil, and the arrival of Spring, Colors breathe life into the world and all that is in it! Originally, the colors used for the festivities came from flowers of trees that blossomed during Spring and most of the blossoms used were also believed to have medicinal properties.

Our inaugural Contemporary collection, VGIJ Colors came from our personal wish to express the inspiration drawn from VGIJ Heritage Collection. This first collection opened up a new world of opportunities, summarized in #RedefiningthePossible, and we never looked back!

Today color plays a pivotal role in our designs, as seen here in in our latest series VGIJ Baoli.


Talking about colors…, we had the pleasure and honor to enjoy a wonderful afternoon with awarded and highly esteemed artist Marc Mulders and his lovely wife Trudy. We couldn’t stop talking, and new ideas and initiatives kept popping up…
to be continued…!

Express yourself

VGIJ Creative Producer Pieter van Loon shared his views on men’s jewellery for Dutch national TV. Read back on this here, Men’s Jewellery is ON, not just in India, and we’re all in!

Jewellery Masterpiece Awards – Honoring Excellence & Artistry

This past month also saw the launch of the Jewellery Masterpiece Awards, honoring excellence and artistry in the jewellery world. The Jewellery Masterpiece Awards is founded by Tatyana Pfaifer, a pre-eminent voice in the jewellery world and widely recognized for spreading the culture of jewellery arts. Noëlle has been invited to take a seat in the international jury, a company of world renowned experts. Submissions are open until September, and winners will be announced 18 November 2021. We will keep you informed!

Lastly, following the latest health requirements, we have decided to extend our Van Gelder Indian jewellery – Baoli Experience. Book your private viewing at Van Gelder Galleries or a bespoke virtual visit!

All our best, keep well and Happy Spring!