A Treat of Distraction!

For some of us at #VGIJ distraction is never far away. And those who join us at
Van Gelder Galleries are easily distracted just by having all our collection within arm’s reach!

We love combining the VGJ Heritage Collection with our Contemporary Collections. How well it all blends and exists side by side never ceases to surprise us over and over again.

We are happy to share that our latest addition to our Colors Collection appeared, albeit fashionably late, yet very much worth the wait!
You know what we mean by Escapism when you
stare into its stunning petrol blue hues.
These rings, complement our Baoli collection beautifully, which in itself are designed around that ultimate feeling of Escapism.

Take the plunge and join us at Van Gelder Galleries or book your bespoke VGIJ Showcase to see for yourself how to keep this lovely diversion close at hand!

Escapism in Storytelling

Last month saw to the release of the conversation between Nitasha of the Indian Edit and Noëlle. On this US platform -for conversations with innovators in design, culture and entrepreneurship-, we dove in the journey of Van Gelder Indian Jewellery and its start in the early 80’s, (female) entrepreneurship, the cultural connection with India, right up to the release of the latest Contemporary collection, Baoli, which was completely designed and developed during the first pandemic year.

No Escaping

Today India is in crisis. The current Covid-19 situation is just as dire or even worse than the news is portraying these days.
We worry about our friends, our wonderful team, their families and all those unnamed people who live at or below the bare minimum.

All we can do from here is call on you!
Please support the NGO below. Your help will reach the right goal with direct aid, on the ground, no bureaucracy, but actively working to save lives and livelihood!


We would appreciate it if you would join us in these efforts, any way you see fit!

Escapism in Travel

As travel still is far from obvious, we cherish all the beautiful memories we made on our numerous travels.
Read up on our last trip to Jaipur, the gloriously redesigned Raj Mahal Palace and dream away to this brightly colored, patterned destination.

For now, all our best, keep well and see you soon!

The Van Gelder’s