Those who follow our social channels know we start (almost!) every day with a beautiful morning walk through the glorious Dutch country side! 
Especially in Spring, with its abundant shades of luscious greens, there is no better way to start the day! 
Nature is forever inspiring, not just in its variety in color, shape, sound and smell, but also the amazing way of ‘re-inventing’ itself season after season, year after year! Quietly, imperturbably and even reassuringly in some way. This is both inspiring and encouraging to us! 

Like nature, quietly branching out, we are happy to introduce to you another addition to VGIJ Baoli Collection.
This pretty pair of earrings beautifully complements this jewellery series of organic shapes, enameled in shades of nature and set with natural gems.
And it is wonderful how everyone has their own association with our Contemporary designs.

One of our dear friends shared that this latest design reminded her of the feathers of a peacock.
The peacock is a meaningful and powerful figure in Indian iconography; the emblem of the state of Rajasthan carries symbolic significance as well: the peacock with ‘eyes’ on its feathers, that represent all-seeing knowledge and the wisdom of the heavens….
In Hindu mythology the peacock is associated with the goddess Lakshmi. The feathers represent her qualities: kindness, patience and good fortune.
This historical, cultural and mythological context around our collections adds that extra magic to each piece, making each design a true celebration of the backstories they carry!

More than meets the eye
Needless to say we are proud of this latest beauty, which roots in our motto #RedefiningthePossible, as this series was developed and designed fully during the first pandemic year.
In The Netherlands, as in the rest of Europe, the situation is slowly but surely taking a turn for the better. Sadly India is still battling with major deficits in healthcare, oxygen supplies, or to implement the basic wash/space/facemantra for all. We support the efforts to improve the situation locally and we would appreciate it immensely if you would consider joining us in this, any way you see fit!

It is amazing how time is flying by and we can hardly believe June is around the corner…, which only reminds us to cherish each moment well spend!
To all of you, who freely embrace their own unique beauty, who understand and appreciate passing on the power of meaning, the value of creation and expression;
You are welcome here, at the intimate surroundings of Van Gelder Galleries, or in our private patio Garden. Enjoy our collections, the fresh greens outside, the storytelling and allow yourself to linger a little! It’s magical!We look forward to it! All our best, keep well and see you soon!
The Van Gelder’s