The months of June and July bring beautiful flowers, delicious fruits and vegetables, and an urge to get out and enjoy the sunshine! 
This Summer is about dressing up and going out and about, as restrictions are released in The Netherlands and overall things are looking up in Europe.

We love this energy, and enjoy Van Gelder Galleries to the fullest, with wonderful lunches al fresco, paired with lovely jewellery fittings and that perfect piece finding its new owner!
For our friends abroad, with limited traveling options, please note that we have updated and redesigned our website for an even smoother and always secure shopping experience.

Save the Date
As we are getting ready for a lovely Summer we are also looking ahead to September, when we have planned our Indian Summer Festival! We look forward to these days offestive get-togethers, insightful conversations and informal encounters whilst celebrating our latest collections of Heritage & Contemporary jewellery.
We happily welcome you from 17 to 19 September, so save the date. Further details will follow shortly.

Good Reads
As traveling is still limited in (and to) some parts of the world, reading is an excellent alternative to wander off.
In the Books section of Our Journal we share some of our favorites. A special mention for The Lost Fragrance of Infinity, by author Moin Mir, which was released only this month. This historical novel exploring Sufism from Delhi to Spain, will fix that travel bug and take you away on a wondrous journey through the fading Mughal Empire. It is high on our list of summer reads, and we would love to hear your thoughts!

Life is like a box of…
Life is like a box of jewellery, if you ask us! We are happy to announce Van Gelder Jewellery is represented by NouvelleBox. NouvelleBox is an international platform tailored to the jewellery sector, building a ‘curated community of top jewellery experts, by connecting fine jewellery brands with luxury jewellery retailers.’ – Forbes
We are excited to be in such excellent company and look forward to connecting with our international peers and like-minded professionals.

For your #dailydoseofbeauty, whether you like to #studyorshopVan Gelder Galleries is your go-to destination!

Happy Summer & all our best,

The Van Gelder’s