The Festive Season!

At Van Gelder Galleries we celebrate everything, so when the Festive Season is upon us, we don’t hold back!

Celebrating Vogue

This Season started off with a very special milestone:
Van Gelder Jewellery Heritage Collection made the cover of Vogue Arabia!

The Vogue Arabia October 2021 issue points to a new world, a community of individuals who are like-minded in their quest for excellence and non-conformism.
A vision of a future where each individual can proudly own her truth, her history, her authentic self.’

A powerful and important message, underlined by a stunning selection of one of a kind jewels from our Heritage Collection, irrevocably proving its versatility and timeless beauty!

Celebrate the Season

The festivities continue, as we are in full preparation of our upcoming event at Van Gelder Galleries; We Celebrate the Season from 25 to 28 November!

We look forward to these days of glittering get-togethers under the mistletoe whilst celebrating our collections of Heritage & Contemporary jewellery.

The perfect start of the Festive Season, so save the date. Further details will follow shortly!

Love and Light

Diwali is celebrated in the Hindu community all around the world. Gifts are exchanges, there are bonfires and fireworks and festive meals are shared with families and friends.
The Sanskrit word Diwali means ‘row of lights’. People often line (earthen) lamps at their home to symbolize the inner light that protects against spiritual darkness. The earthen lamps, Diyas, symbolize the Sun.
Diwali signifies the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair.
We would like to wish a Happy Diwali to all those celebrating. May the golden glow of joy, prosperity and happiness light up your days in the year ahead!


Happy Diwali to all!

The Van Gelders