Vincent Mentzel

On 28 January 2022 the exhibition Vincent Mentzel opened in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The exhibition consists of over 75 of his original photographs, a collection of the defining work of an iconic photographer.

For almost forty years Vincent Mentzel (1945) was designated staff photographer for NRC Handelsblad. Through his lens he innovatively captured shifts in politics and culture, both in the Netherlands as globally. His striking portraits of politicians gave face and shape to politics and the individual, the human behind the politician. As a photojournalist, he traveled the world to record political events and other news: From parliamentary elections to daily life in rural china. Vincent grew to be one of Hollands best- known photographers and played an important role in photojournalism. His distinctive work gives a photographic overview of our recent history.

We cherish the longstanding friendship between Vincent and our family and we congratulate him wholeheartedly on this wonderful and well deserved accolade!