The air is thick with change these days

March is connected to the planet Mars, the red planet, and the Roman god Mars, god of war. In Hindu astrology, the planet Mars is represented by Coral, and Mangal, the god of anger. Ironic, how this seems all relevant and on-going in the world today.

In these tempestuous times we draw energy from the beautiful things around us, no matter how big or small.

As always, we focus on the good and the incredible power it holds.
At the start of the pandemic, we send out a Raksha Sutra to many of you, a little but meaningful symbol of connection. If you would like to receive one, just drop us a line! It’s our pleasure to send one to you.

Also Noëlle kicked off our American dream with an amazing multi state trip through the USA. Of course they took time to visit the Rothko Chapel in Houston. In 1964 Rothko was commissioned by John and Dominique de Menil to create a meditative space around his paintings. The Rothko Chapel became a center for international cultural, religious, and philosophical exchange, a holy place open to all religions and belonging to none.

The Color Field paintings of Mark Rothko were an inspiration to us which let to the Baoli Collection.

All in all a memorable and successful journey of which we will share more soon.

On another note, Vogue UK shared their latest flight of fancy this month, and we are thrilled to take part in such a lovely lineup!

Coming 18 March, our Indian friends celebrate Holi Festival. This Hindu celebration is also known as the festival of colors. As far as the eye can see, the sky is colored in hues of pink and red.

The significance of this celebration is the victory of good over evil, and the arrival of Spring, as colors breathe life into the world and all that is in it.

All our best, The Van Gelders