More than meets the eye!

A common credo within the Van Gelder team is: There is more than meets the eye! Often there is more beauty found if one looks a little closer or further. 

Last night we hosted, in our very own pop-up theater, a presentation about the Origin of Quality with guest speaker Dr. J.C. Zwaan. 

Parallel to our passion for true beauty, is thorough art historical reference and research. Each heritage piece is accompanied by a complete and factual scientific review by independent precious metal and gemological researcher Dr J.C. Zwaan of The Netherlands Gemological Laboratory.

One of the research methods applied, is microphotography. Through this advanced technique, a whole new world was exposed to us. The microphotographs reveal the inner beauty of the gemstones, like Noelle mentions; ‘the art (of jewellery) reveals the art inside natural gems’.

As we dive in to each gem the essence is revealed; we look into the Origin of Quality!