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of Jaipur

connecting over a shared passion,
overarching era

The Journal of Indian Art and Industry: Indian Jewellery was a unique journal devoted to the history of art, artistry and jewelry in India.


Blooming Beauty

Nature has always been an endless source of inspiration and is a fixture in traditional Indian iconography. Antique Indian heritage jewellery embellished with blooming dessert flowers to statuesque trees and luxuriant foliage, carved in gold, vibrant enamels and rare precious stones calls for a closer look!

From Concept to Collection

Sharing our journey from inspiration, to design, material and color use to the realization of a new collection.
The inspiration for the Contemporary Collections is sourced from from themes and stories of Indian culture, ritual, history and materials, as well as from contemporary art or architectural elements to the most inconspicuous objects of nature and everyday life.
From those first, explorative sketches, to extensive research and in depth exchange and discussion with highly experienced craftsmen in Jaipur. Together with our teams of skilled professionals, with a deep knowledge of both the traditional and modern techniques of jewellery making, we embark on the adventure of creation!

Origin of Quality

Microphotography allows us to take a look into the deepest origin of each gem. They are forces of nature, materialized into a colorful and impressive spectacle.



India has a long and rich jewellery tradition, with the development of photography in India these traditions have been made visible for a wider audience.