Origin of Quality

For over 40 years Van Gelder Jewellery has been on a quest to discover, understand and collect the most extraordinary quality of traditional heritage jewellery from India. All the pieces in the Heritage Collection meet the highest standards of quality, rarity and condition.

This has resulted in a strong foundation of expertise and quality awareness. Parallel to Van Gelder’s passion for true beauty, is thorough art historical reference and research. Over the years all this added up to an experienced and trained ‘eye’ for quality. In 2012 Van Gelder decided to extend their research methods with complete and factual scientific review by commissioning an independent precious metal and gemological research report.  Dr J.C. Zwaan of The Netherlands Gemological Laboratory Leiden, is a dedicated, highly experienced and qualified partner in this trajectory.

One of the research methods that is applied, is microphotography. Through this advanced technique, a whole new world was exposed to us.

Microphotography allows us to take a look into the deepest origin of each gem. Inside, in that spacelike ‘landscape’, originated millions of years ago under immense heat and pressure, we are able to look into the core of every sparkle and luster. They are forces of nature, materialized into a colorful and impressive spectacle. Inclusions, fissures, miniscule pockets and bubbles are identified as markers of the immense pressure under which these gems have emerged

The microphotographs reveal the inner beauty of the gemstones. The essence of each gem is revealed, as we look into the Origin of Quality!