Baju Band


A bracelet, a baju band, of seperate, slim oxidized silver elements, strung on black silk-cotton, and set with rosecut diamonds.

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According to the traditional Hindu jewellery concept, gold is associated with the sun and Hindu god Surya and silver with the moon and Hindu god Chandra. In ancient Vedic scripts there is mentioning of the relation between the the sun – SURYA, the moon – CHANDRA, the other planets and its relation to human characteristics and interaction. The sun gives the light, and energy from its fire, the masculine quality. The moon reflects the light of the sun, the feminine quality. Two heavenly bodies, together creating harmony. All planned by nature.

This collection goes by the name of CHANDRA, as the mythology around this planet was a leading inspiration in the creative process and design. With this collection we strived to merge the somewhat tribal, folk look of the authentic jewellery designs of rural India, with the more delicate andintricate, work of the court jewellery of Lucknow.

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