Gold Ear Studs, Karnphul

These elaborately decorated 23k gold ear studs with natural zircon and pearls, are based on the ear studs called karnphul. Literally karnphul is a Sanskrit word meaning “flower of the ear”. 

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The choice of the flower as an inspiration for jewellery is very popular. They are a symbol of nature and are associated whit Kama, the god of love. Karnphul imitates flowers like marigold, which is associated with the sun. These types, studded with gems, were worn by royal women in North India.
The long history of Indian culture can be traced in many things, including the variety of jewellery. Indian Jewellery celebrates the human body and each part of decoration is symbolic. For the Indian woman jewellery is a kind of language; communication from the wearer to the viewer. For example if she is married, belongs to any caste or whether she has any children.