Gold Men’s Necklace, Patri Har

This 23 carat gold necklace was worn in India by wealthy men. The necklace is also called patri har, because of the two side panels (patri).

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The panels are strung with lines of fine pearls and an open worked central pendant, jugni, with a floral pattern. The front is kundanset with turquoise. The reverse of the patri haris decorated with a floral design in red, white and green enamel. The flower is in Hinduism the ultimate symbol of feminity and fertility. The color red is also a symbol of fertility, but also for life. Therefore, these two (red and floral pattern) are often used together.

Jewellery is part of the iconography of physical appeal. Worn by men, Jewellery symbolizes power and wealth, with the attendant attraction they convey.