Necklace, HAR

Mughal women’s ornament, long necklace, HAR. Long necklace with 24 gold units and a central pendant strung on a cord. The 24 gold units are each set with turquoise and rock crystal. The large central pendant are turquoise, pearls and rock crystal set in a floral design.

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The story of India’s fascination with jewellery dates back more than 5,000 years ago in the Indus Valley. At that time, India was the largest manufacturer and exporter of beads to the world. India was also home to the diamond. It’s believed that it was the people from the Indus Valley Civilization who first explored the craft of jewellery making.

The Indian woman is rarely seen without jewellery. The ornaments indicated much more than the obvious messages of marital status, rank and wealth. Tot the perceptive, they spoke of her moods, her desires and offered glimpses of her intimate self. The ornaments are often also used as amulets.

The neck, one of the important centers of the mystical. It is there considered that the necklace attracts and retains love and brings luck. Among other types of jewellery, necklaces have always had a maximum magic spell. Probably, bright and rich necklace distracted ill-wisher on behalf of the owner, and thus protected from the danger of the evil eye, hypnotic effect.