A 20k gold necklace, NIMBOLI. The square pendant in the center is supported at the sides with multistrands of glass seed beads. The square pendant is decorated with a design of flowers, the centre is decorated with a design of a sunsymbol, flanked by two peacocks. These figures are set with rock crystal on foil. The roundings of the figures are decorated with small basra pearls.

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This exceptionally large NIMBOLI is a traditional wedding jewel. It is presented to a bride as an auspicious gift. At the sides it is typically supported with multistrands of glass seeds beads. Making glass seed beads is a typical craftmanship of Rajasthan.

The neck, one of the important centers of the mystical. It is there considered that the necklace attracts and retains love and brings luck. Among other types of jewellery, necklaces have always had a maximum magic spell. Probably, bright and rich necklace distracted ill-wisher on behalf of the owner, and thus protected from the danger of the evil eye, hypnotic effect.