A pair of flexible gold bracelets, MARATHI, each link slightly hammered. An anti-clockwise screw clasp inserts into hinges fitted on both ends of the bracelet.

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Flexible chains were also worn as anklets. If made from gold they indicate that the wearer is a privileged person, silver anklets are worn by the rural class. A single anklet, DASTBAND ALMAS in gold was awarded by a ruler as princely recognition in a custom known as TA’ZIM, and was worn on the right ankle.

In India bangles and bracelets are the jewellery that has been crafted from the widest variety of materials, from terracotta and shell to lac and gold. The designs are even as various as the material, from simple plain circlets of metal to animal(heads). To the woman in India ornaments for the wrist have always been significant emblems of marriage. Woman in India never allows her arm to be completely bare.