White Gold Ear Pendants

A pair of white gold ear pendants, top with a suspended tapered stem decorated with delicate filigree, twisted wire and engraved linear pattern, of which the blunt bottom is decorated wit a carved stylized floral motif. The decoration is set against a blue and green enameled ground.


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The Jodha Bai collection draws from the drive, creative power and many accomplishments of strong women. The history of fierce Rajput women has always been an inspiration to us. Jodha Bai, named after one of India’s first, strongest and most influentialfemale royal thought leaders, the Rajput Princess Jodha Bai. This Rajput Princess was equal to men in love, life and battle and these strong traits are translated in the designs: strong, distinctive lines, an expressive appearance, detail and enamel work, with color use inspired by the tradition of North India.