Contemporary Collections

Contemporary Collections

The concepts and creation of the Contemporary Collections are driven by a passion for traditional Indian jewellery, combined with a fresh personal perspective and modern interpretation of the rich Indian visual and cultural language. This combination results in exclusive, one of a kind pieces of jewellery with a distinct -Van Gelder design-, that caters to the taste of lovers and collectors of fine jewellery in both East and West. Van Gelder Jewellery Contemporary Collections should never be taken at face value. The new designs are respectfully and responsibly inspired by Indian jewellery, culture and symbolism. They are unique in marrying the original value and meaning of the source themes with contemporary tastes and lifestyles in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

Noëlle: “As such, the Contemporary Collections carry a distinctive quality that is similar to the Van Gelder Jewellery Heritage Collection as compelling narratives are worked into wearable art.”

Fleur: “Designs from our Contemporary Collections are crafted by local artists, applying ethically responsibly sourced materials, using traditional techniques. Our team of expert artisans in our studio in Jaipur apply both traditional as well as contemporary goldsmith’s techniques, creating our bespoke jewellery collection. As such, we aim to constitute a unique addition to the rich heritage of Indian jewellery.”

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