Heritage Collection

For over 40 years Van Gelder Jewellery has been on a quest to discover, understand and collect the most extraordinary quality of traditional jewellery from India.

Noëlle: “All the pieces we offer in our Heritage Collection are selected using the highest standards of quality, rarity, condition and provenance, ensuring the best possible value for our clients. Growing and perfecting this unrivalled historical collection is our life’s work and a continuous process. Frequent and extensive travels to India, as well as ongoing research allow us to continuously add new highlights to our Heritage collection and to further expand our knowledge and expertise in this area.”

Fleur: “We are extremely proud of our thorough knowledge of the history and decorative art of India, of the use of materials and techniques, as well as our extensive network of personal relations in the Indian sub-continent and beyond. It is what makes us a different class of expert in Indian Jewellery.”

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