Navaratna Collection

The planets of the Indian astrological system are represented by nine precious stones; ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, topaz, diamond, sapphire, zircon, cat’s eye. Their arrangement is called Navaratna (literally ‘nine gems’). By tradition, the nine stones as a group are said to possess exceptional magic powers by providing a sympathetic medium for the transmission of stored energy from the planets, which then casts its influence on the wearer.

The creation of Van Gelder Navaratna Collection

Fleur: “The concept and creation of the Navaratna Collection is driven by a passion for traditional Indian Jewellery, about its uniqueness in the way it marries beauty, craftmanship, significance and wearability. We aimed tocombine this with a fresh, Western-centred perspective and contemporary interpretation of the rich Indian visual and cultural language.”

Noelle: “Ensuring that the unique beauty and traditions of Indian jewellery will remain relevant now and for future generations, is another element that fuels our passion and success. We aim to capture this in our contemporary designs. To see these jewels, and the stories the carry, worn, loved and taken good care of. We want current and future owners of these jewels to add their own, new stories to its already rich history.”

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