We Support

Growing up with a family business, to us India always felt very ‘close-by’…even as small children our mother would return form her trips with all these wonderful tales about this exotic, fairytale country far away, with colorful saris for us girls and little kurtha pajamas. She shared with us her stories about the families she would visit, the palaces she would see, colorful painted and decked out elephants and camels. It all sounded terribly exciting and adventurous to us! When pieces of jewellery that she collected would come in, she would always show everything to us, letting us touch and try it, teaching us to treat pretty, delicate things with care and attention. We grew up with a strong sense of caring and sharing. May it be sharing love or friendship and attention, or be it sharing of quality and knowledge…

This sense of sharing locked in our DNA is reflected in our company. We therefore wholeheartedly support the following initiatives:

Bernadette van Gelder Foundation


To mark the occasion of founder Bernadette van Gelder transferring over the company, her daughters Marie Claire, Fleur and Noëlle presented Bernadette with the Bernadette van Gelder Foundation. This foundation is committed to female empowerment in India.

The Bernadette van Gelder Foundation firmly believes that empowerment starts with knowledge. A good and solid education allows girls and women to break the vicious circle of poverty and allows them to have a role in the Indian society. The Foundation works together with local grass root organizations who have female empowerment and education at their core.

By supporting the foundation they can continue to work together with local organizations in India, to advance girls and women, making them see their potential and helping them and their families towards a better future.


DON Foundation


Noëlle became board member for DON Foundation in June 2015. The core of the solution can be found in the core of the problem, which is why the DON Foundation supports fundamental research into a cure for type 1 diabetes. In addition to Noelle’s personal motives, India bears the dubious honor of ‘Diabetes Capital of the World’. Partly for this reason she feels the need to contribute stopping this worldwide growing disease.